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ADD VALUE to your selling or rental property with Creative Design Direction

Radical transformations are achievable within budget and agreed timescales.

We work on our own sourced properties and collaborate with other investors / developers on their renovation or refurbishment projects.

Our business thrives on the fact that   Good Design makes a Difference: 

             -  good design specification and presentation maximises appeal and can add significant value to any property 

             -  good design gives clarity and direction to a project right from day one  

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Our research is extensive and our diligence thorough. This ensures our design recommendations are in line with an inherent theme that is precisely targeted to the needs and psychology of an agreed target market.

Associating with an existing well branded partner means this same standard of branding is carried throughout everything the team does on a project - imparting a confident and professional image that reflects ethical values as well as credibility, consistency, reliability and adherence to good practice. 

Our speciality is delivering 'quality on a budget' and enhanced value. Often referred to as the 'WOW factor, the result can attract significantly more interest and boost the end value of your development.

In working as a team, we pool and share resources including experience and case studies of past projects. We have many  prestigious high-end projects that have been show-cased with photos, figures and presentations. This can give your lenders, partners, contractors and buyers confidence in our team's ability to deliver on projects to a predictably high standard. 

If you feel we can help with your refurbishment project or interested to know how you can collaborate on ours, please feel welcome to contact us HERE

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